The Saints and Sinners Comedy Tour mixes the mainstream, working man’s material of Matthew Lumpkin with the ego boosted flair of Patrick Jolle into one hilarious and down right entertaining comedy experience.

The show opens with Patrick Jolle, an eccentric, no holds barred comedian with a rapid fire delivery that is sometimes irreverent, often juvenile, and usually risque. Patrick’s antics and memorable punchlines deliver a wickedly accurate jab to the funny bone.

Next up is Matthew Lumpkin, an intelligent family man with a common-sense philosophy. His energetic story telling ability and charismatic stage presence raises the bar far past stereotypical “Southern” standup. His stories of growing up and raising a family resonate no matter where you call home.

The boys wrap-up every show with their hugely popular duo segment, where Jolle rejoin’s Lumpkin on stage. This enables the two to showcase their inherent comedic abilities in a verbal contest of camaraderie and wit, telling road tales as well as answering questions submitted by the audience.

With their wide ranging comedic styles, this show pleases people everywhere, whether they are saints, sinners or something in between!